Kein Zugriff auf Dash-Board über VPN-Verbindung

Wie im Titel geschrieben habe ich keinen Zugriff auf Dash-Board über VPN-Verbindung. Ich kann aber die Verbindung auf die Laufwerke herstellen und habe diese auch als Netzlaufwerke im anderen Netz gemappt. Der IP-Kreis ist im ersten Netz und im 2. Netz Muss ich evt. irgendein Setting vornehmen oder geht das grundsätzlich nicht?

The My Cloud Dashboard will typically reject access to a computer that doesn’t have the same IP address subnet as the My Cloud. One solution is to make sure the VPN clients are using the same IP address subnet as the My Cloud. For example if the My Cloud resides in the range then configure the VPN clients to also use that IP address range.

Some VPN servers will have a setting that allows one to set the IP address subnet range to hand out to VPN clients.

I do believe there may have been past discussions that can be found using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) where some may have modified the My Cloud firmware to allow access to the Dashboard from other IP ranges. Usually this will involve editing the My Cloud firmware using SSH. Such changes to the firmware have the potential to brick or render the My Cloud Dashboard inaccessible.

Thanks for the quick answer - In before I’ve tried to find something related to VPN in the forum but didn’t found anything using VPN as search word. But I’ll try again.

Now I find many discussions related to VPN - some mistake in before - thanks again