Keeping user files separate

Is there a way to segregate files, especially photos, from being 1 HUGH folder so each cloud user has their own separate photo folder? I created separate folders for the users, but when they’ve uploaded their photos seems like they are in BIG location.
Thanks for the help.

How are the files being uploaded? What software or app is being used?

One can create separate users and shares. See the My Cloud User Manual ( or the My Cloud Dashboard Help for more information on how to create Users and Shares along with making Shares Private.

Further information can be found at the following WD Support link:

Bennor… Thanks for the reply. I created the folder on the computer, my son, the user, used the phone app to upload his pictures. When I look at the PUBLIC folder, there’s nothing in his folder, but the photo tab shows ALL photos, mine and his together. He uploaded to his folder and because they are pictures they all ended up mixed together under the photo tab.

Have you tried creating a Share for your son through the My Cloud Dashboard? Then point the mobile app to upload to that separate Share.

If you created a separate subfolder on the My Cloud its possible the mobile app is parsing all the media in the folder and subfolders. Try creating a completely separate Share and instruct the mobile app to upload to that separate Share.