Keeping files only on WD My Book Essential

I just recently purchased a 1TB My Book Essential.  I am not very computer savvy  so there may be a easy answer to my question. I was wondering if there was a way after I back up my files to the external hard drive to delete files (my movies) frommy computer and still have them saved on the external…I hope that makes sense.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I don’t want to startdeleting files before I know what it is going to happen. Thanks, Sarah


You’re actually posting in the wrong forum – this is for the WD Live, which is a media player – and I’m sure someone will move this question for you in the right place.

Don’t take this as given (because I am no expert when it comes to that backup software) but in general it should be safe because that’s the whole point of a backup (IOW, you backup a file because if something thappens to the file from where you back it up you can then restore it).  The only danger would be if the backup software has some sort of function to try and “reconcile” its contents with the drive you’re backing up, but the experts on this will have the right answers for you.