Keep setting setup window when I log in using ip address

I just setup the Mycloud drive on a macbook pro. Tring to get to the drive settings to find the seria number, etc. When I type in the ip address it keeps going to the setup screen. How do I access the dashboard?

What “setup” screen? Can you post a screen shot? See the following link for how to access the Dashboard.

Generally you access it with a web browser using http://wdmycloud or http://wdmycloud.local.

attached is the screenshot. Thats what I get when I type in
http://wdmycloud.local or the ip number. The drive is already set up with
user and password.
I’m running a macbook pro with ElCapitan and using chrome browser.

That IS the Dashboard login screen.

Hit ‘Login’ and you will get to the Dashboard.

Or do you think the Dashboard is something else?

That is the Dashboard page. You enter the administrator password (if you created one) when first setting up the My Cloud.

When I hit login, it did not take me to the dashboard. In the meantime I
found the problem. With the initial setup, somehow it didn’t get a
password. Once I put a password in, it now takes me to the dashboard.
Thanks for your help.