Keep playing after the end of one movie


my problem is, that when i watch one movie file, it stops when the movie is over. how do i set it up to play automatically the next file in the directory, without creating a playlist.

thanx in advance

You can’t, unless you want to play an entire folder.

(revised and extended)

I assigned the two movies to the Queue with the options button. Then went to the Dashboard Queue, highlighted the first movie and pressed the play/pause button to “play the queue”. You can also highlight the ‘Queue’ selector word above the list and press the play/pause from there to ‘play the queue’.

After the first started to play I checked options and saw that the ‘Play Mode’ was set for Repeat 1 (the circle thingie with a 1 in it). I Changed that to Repeat list (circle thingie) to repeat the list. I also tested play mode off to play the list of two movies and quit.

At the end of movie 1 it automatically started movie 2.

You can experiment if the Favorites list can be played the same way and report back to all of us. :slight_smile: