Keep my movies only in My Passpor Essential SE

Hello everyone!

I have about  100 GB of movies recorded in my internal HDD and the same information in the external HD My Passport Essential SE (1TB), as WD Smartware is always backing up the files. What I want to do is to erase the movies from my internal HDD and keep them on the external HDD to free up disk space!

So my question is if I erase them from my internal HDD will they also be erased from the external?

I guess not, because I’ve tested this creating a simple *.txt file in my internal HDD, checked a few seconds after and it was already backed up in the external HDD. Erased it from the internal HDD and it is still recorded in the external. Also I had had about 600 GB in the external HDD since I first connected My Passport Essential SE to my computer when my internal HDD capacity is 284 GB. So obviously since the external HDD is connected to the computer is starts to back up all the information even if it is deleted from the internal HDD. Can anyone confirm me that?

If so, what is the best solution to keep my movies only in the external HDD?

When the movie is recorded in the internal HDD and assuming that is already backed up in the external, erase it from the internal once we do that it isn’t deleted from the external?


That is a bad idea. If something happens to the external your stuff is gone. Never trusst important data to just one physicl drive internal or external. The board is full of people who did that and are moaning about loosing everything.


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