Keep losing Photos and Thumbnails - Help Needed

I keep losing thumbnails and photos. I have been googling and searching this forum for an answer and can’t find one.
I first of all did a full System Restore. I then set up a MY Cloud account and set up the WD Photos app on My phone.
Using the desktop app/windows explorer I uploaded 35GB of folders and files (mostly .jpg photos)
This is what happened :-
Going into My Cloud account
It continues building and then and photos can still be seen on the phone app
All the thumbnails and photos are there and then it goes to idle and they are all gone
How do I sort this please


If the drive still scanning and building the media library, it wont show all the files.

Since you added 35 GB of data, it might take some time.

Yes but once it has stopped scanning all the photos disappear !!

Where have you stored your media?

I had a similar problem when I first started using Twonky; it would show it accumulating media in its database, and I could access them via a DLNA client, but, as soon as Twonky finished indexing, all the media disappeared from its library.

I’m unclear whether Twonky is involved in the Dashboard statistics, but, if it is, then the solution I found was to make sure media serving is turned on, as well as the media server. See this thread:

In particular, the FAQ: Q. Why doesn’t Twonky find my media?

I can’t guarantee this will fix your problem, but it may be the issue.

One other possibility is that I found putting media in the ‘Shared Media’ folders (as recommended in the User Manual) to cause no end of problems with Twonky. So I put my media elsewhere, and leave those folders for Twonky to store ‘aggregated media’.

how are you determining the photos are gone? If using File Explorer there is a major issue. If the dashboard, I would ignore it as it has not been very reliable in the past. If DLNA client issues see above post

They are not showing in either the desktop app or in the Mycloud phone app

Locally to your network?

If local, map your drive into the computer’s operating system. See p23 of the user manual.

Then check with FileExplorer to see if the media is still there; it probably is…

Media is stored in john, out of interest went into Twonky and all My photos are there ! This makes Me wonder if there is a setting somewhere that needs changing ?

exactly the same problem, and it has nothing to do with DLNA, the sole basis of remote access. Support for silent