Keep losing my MBL backups

I have a backup from one MBL to another (MBL_A to MBL_B), set up using the UI on MBL_A.  At the moment I can’t get MBL_A to find the backup on MBL_B… it just doesn’t show up in the list.

This has happened before.  We keep getting power cuts and it often happens after that, so I had a theory that if MBL_A and MBL_B both reboot at the same time (like happens after power is restored) then MBL_A may not be able to see the backup on MBL_B during the bootup process because MBL_B itself is still booting up.

So I found that if I rebooted MBL_B, then waited, then rebooted MBL_A, I could again see the backup in the UI of MBL_A.

However, this time I can’t see the backup however many times I try to reboot the two MBLs, in either order.  It’s definitely there on MBL_B, it’s just that it doesn’t show up in the list on MBL_A.

It takes a day to do a full backup so I’d rather not have to keep starting a fresh backup,

Is there any way of explicitly pointing MBL_A to the backup on MBL_B?

The best thing to do is assign a static IP to the MBLs. What is likely happening is that when you get a power outage, the router is assigning a different (or it could be the same IP as the other MBL to each other - causing confusion). Assigning a static IP to each MBL will make sure that it gets the same IP address after a router reboot.

Thanks.  I’ll give it a go in future.  For now, is there any way of explicitly re-connecting a MBL backup once it has become disconnected?  It’s frustrating that the backup is there, and the MBL should easily be able to see it…

Some further info.  I went into the UI of MBL_A, and as a test I started the process of creating a new safepoint by searching for other devices… and MBL_B was not found.  I then tried the same process on MBL_B, and MBL_A *is* found.

So MBL_A cannot see MBL_B, but MBL_B can see MBL_A … !  They are both physically plugged into the same router.

What is going on and how do I remedy it?


This all seems a bit random to me, and slightly the opposite of reassuring.  I rebooted MBL_B, and now MBL_A can see MBL_B when I do a Discover.  However MBL_A still cannot see the existing safepoint on MBL_B.