Keep losing connection to Mybooklive

I recently purchased a 3tb MyBookLive ton use as a central file store at home. after setting it up through a Gigabit switch to my Win8 64bit desktop the connection to the drive keeps dropping part way through copying files. having looked through various threads on this and other forum I then replaced my network cables with Cat 6e and also replaced the switch with a brand new WD My Net Gigabit switch but even after all that i still get the drive dropping from the network.
Now I’m not a network expert but have a fair knowledge of computers and networking but if i believe the WD website this all should just plug in and work !!! So just what am I doing wrong WD, my wife suggests i take the whole thing back and get a refund as it seems to be rubbish but before i do that i thought i would give you a chance to prove her wrong and tell me how to get it working properly.

any ideas???

I would try the following and in this order…

  • Other OS besides Win8 if possible. Android is an option with “ES File explorer”. If when connection drops from Win8 but Android can see it, might be a Win8 issue, as others have issues with it as well

  • Static IP and previous step again

  • Different router, as oppose to just a switch.