Keep having to re-start My Book to fix remote access problems

I’m running a My Book live with firmware 02.32.05-144. I have remote access set-up with static IP/port-forwarding etc, and when it works, it works great. The problem is that in spite of apparently disconnecting properly, very frequently the remote access stops working and a connection cannot be established. Re-starting the My Book fixes this. Is this due to dodgy firmware? Since it works fine when it works, I can’t see what’s wrong with the set-up.

Appreciate any advice.


I sometimes have that problem but it’s not that common, might be a problem with the service and not with your home network. 

I may have found a solution. My router is a BT Home Hub 3. Although I’d configured the port-forwarding according to what was obvious to do, I’ve since found on a BT forum that to establish reliable port forwarding with the Home Hub two things are recommended:

(1) assign the device a static IP **outside** the reserved DHCP range. If the IP address is static within the DHCP range there can still be lease expiry issues that cause the Home Hub to forget about the device

(2) when assigning the port-forwarding rule to the device, do not select the device via its name, instead select the option for a user-defined IP address and enter the static IP address as the target for the port-forward rule.

With both these changes made, the off-site user of my My Book is reporting much more reliable access to the drive. Combined with BT Infinity, a very decent transfer speed is being achieved.