Keep getting this error

  Hi there,

                 New to these forums, and have little knowledge of this device. On my external hard drive, which is connected to my PC, I tried sharing/giving permission to my media folder. I keep getting this error though:

 Anyone know how to stop this?

  Thanks Ash

looks to me from that pic youre trying to share 1 airoplane.avi instead of the movie folder?

As ikbaa said looks like you are trying to change the permissions of one file and not the folder.

However, to keep from getting that message on a folder, you need to change the owner.  Right click on the file/folder, then select Properties, click the Security tab, then click on Advanced, in the new window click on the Owner tab, then click on Edit.  Then slect you as the owner and click Apply.

Close out all the windows, then reopen the Properties and then try changing the permissions.

   Thanks for the replies guys. I ended up getting it to work by right clicking folder>share with>Homegroup (read). Everything works/plays so I`m happy for now.