Keep getting dropped from network when using playon

Running win 7 64bit and a WD Live Plus box and originally playon worked fine. A WD tech had me make some changes in my system having nothing to do with playon and since then I can no longer access playon. What happens is that I see the Playon Server and then I can connect and I actually see the playon directory but after a few seconds I get kicked off and get a message that I cannot connect to network. Spoke with WD level 2 tech and they have no idea, tried changing settings but may not be remembering all that was changed. I couldn’t do a system restore at the time ( this has been going on for several months. I’m caught between playon support who had no answers and say they don’t support WD box and will not issue a refund and WD who has no answers and say they don’t support playon. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also had Playon drop problems.  Anything I was running in Playon stopped at 14 minutes.  The Playon folks tried to help but I tested my wireless network (n) and found drops happening at an hour or so outsice of Playon.  Figured it was the wireless so I went out and bought a Powerline network setup.  Now, Avatar plays from beginning to end from the HTPC and I have had zero drops for anything running throught the Playon server.  (Disclaimer - Powerline works best when both ends are on the same electrical circuit.  Mine are not but I am in a single level 1700 sq. ft. home.)  Cost at a big box retailer was $130 but you can do better online.  It’s worth a try - you might buy local though for returnability.