Keep EXIF Data when uploading photos from mobile devices

This is a HUGE flaw in my opnion. When I upload photos from my mobile device the date is changed to the upload date. Example: if i upload a photo today that I took on December 1, 2014 the date would change to January 13, 2014. This is not acceptable behaviour. It then causes all the photos to load out of order because everything has the same date. It makes keeping track of your photos impossible. This is the whole reason I bought this device. I was really hoping this device could replace my Pogo Plug but because of this MAJOR flaw it can not. Also, please don’t change the name of photos. Rather then creating a NEW file the app should just be copying my file over. This way the date and name would stay intact. Really disappointed.


Good point.

I agree with preserving the exif data, but I should have the OPTION of choosing whether or not the files get renamed (and I should be able to specify the naming, see Eye-fi) OR preserving the original file name.

very important feature. this is accomplished by MS onedrive backup, so need to be competitive

Not just MS. Most cloud services keeps EXIF data.

Totally agree, really surprised that this was not working, any solution/workaround/settings that could be used?

This issue is still not addressed in the android app. Very disappointed!