Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 blocking WD Smartware

Hello, I have purchased a WD Cloud mirror 4TB last week.

I’m trying to get WD smartware to work with this storage. Now the problem is Kaspersky Internet Security 2014. Eveytime the cloud gets connected it gets disconnected after 10 seconds. This goes in a loop. Very frustrating. I have opened kaspersky network monitor and added exception for all WD based services. But still its not working. When I disable Kaspersky it works perfectly and connection stays. 

How do i solve this problem? This is clearly making me go crazy! :smirk_cat:

Please help!

Anyone? please?


If disabling the application allows for seamless performance, then I believe you may need to consult with the application vendor the proper settings in order to ensure the exception will be executed.