Kannuu support

Anyone know how the kannuu support in the latest firmware (1.13.18) is accessed? It appears to help search for files on devices but dont see where its implemented on the wd tv live.


I think that service is not available in the media player.

You are in the wrong forum. Its a service that has been added to live streaming player. I also don’t see how it works as there does not appear to be any cross linking to the services which kannuu finds movies and TV shows. Also is it linked to the location because Netflix has different catalogues around the world. Really quite useless to me but no doubt WD get something out of including it.


You are correct in that Kannuu is an application that helps you find Movies and TV Shows to watch. 

Catalog Availability:

Sorry to users outside of the USA, but currently Kannuu is US-centric in regards to streaming catalog availability. GeoIP filtering is now utilized, and only US based WD boxes will display content availability. This will be expanded in a future release to more international markets as various providers allow for access to their catalogs.

Regardless of the provider availability, you can still use the application to help find something you are interested in watching; through a title, actor or keyword. The movie/show details screen will display a description, user/critic ratings, cast information, and let you play trailers.

Content Linking:

WDTV live boxes do not yet allow for direct content linking across applications. Once this is enabled, a content provider can be selected and Kannuu will launch Netflix/Hulu etc. to play the movie/TV show.

We look forward to delivering these enhancements to the product in the near future.

Thanks for the info.

This is a FYI for anyone wanting to better understand the capabilities of the Kannuu application:

Kannuu has recently been updated to be able to launch Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu from within the app (for users in the USA). Once you find a movie or show you want to watch, you can click the appropriate provider button, and it will close Kannuu to launch the provider application.

We will have to wait for a possible future firmware release in order to directly link to the movie/show itself, as the WDTV does not have the capability to do that right now…