Just wondering

I’m having a lot of problems with Windows updates - again - it looks as though I’ll have to do a complete recovery - again. Of course I get the “be sure to back up”…messages, but I got to wondering…won’t I be backing up the problem(s) too?? So what is the point of backing up??

Unless you have a virus, no.

WD Backup and WD SmartWare will only copy your personal files. They will not backup your entire system.

I was thinking of doing the system back up with the Acronis software…probably not a good idea right?

Well depending on what the problem is, that might or might not bring the problem with you.

I reformat regularly and almost never have OS issues - Since all my files are stored on an external (and backed up to a NAS) all I have to do is reinstall a few programs, update windows, and I’m off to the races.

I have very few files on my C drive and not that many programs really, but somehow or other something keeps getting corrupted or damaged…I just went through an entire week of trying to recover lost files from another My Book…the technician said the ‘found’ and then ‘recovered’ files were damaged and unusable…and yet all the SMART tests and windows chkdsk and other tests give the drives a pass…I’m getting to the point of not trusting Windows OR WD…
(forgive my rambling :-))

No… in your position I’d be suspicious too…

I can tell you from after almost a decade of working from WD our products are (in my humble opinion) best-in-class. Like any mechanical device they do fail, but almost every WD drive I’ve ever owned (and I’ve been a fan since long before I started here) has lasted far longer than the average hard drive generally operates. I actually have a WD internal drive from the 90’s that still worked the last time I turned it on.

The general recommendation is that you always keep at least 2 copies of your data - I personally recommend 3 for important files (photos, legal papers, etc.).

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been a fan of WD for a long time too…I think I’ve had at least one of every size/capacity, all My Books…but in the last 12 months I’ve had an awful lot of bad luck with them…but I’m probably gonna spring for one of the newer big guys…luck HAS to change soon, right?