Just wondering if I should go ahead with the wdidle3.exe trick

I assembled my first rig recently and I found out that the WD green HDD’s are known for their heads to park every 8 sec. when idle. I have the WD10EZRX model and I’m not sure if I should go ahead with the wdidle3.exe fix. 

Here’s a pic of my hdd’s smart attributes (I’m sure there are better programs for checking these attributes):

/*blocked the serial # for security reasons :3 */

Hi, if I understand correctly, not all hard drives are compatible with the wdidle3 tool. 

Thanks for the reply Alucard. Thanks for the clarification. I thought the wdidle3 tool was generally for WD green series hdd’s. Sorry for being off topic but are the load cycle counts normal or too much considering the duration of time my harddrive has been on?

Naturally it’s not compatible with ALL drives., but it is compatible with many that are not listed on its download page.

In any case, I strongly recommend using the wdidle3 utility to disable the 8s head park entirely if at all possible.  The Green drives are rated for 300,000 load/unload cycles, and you’re going through them at a rate of 28/hr.  At that rate, if the drive is on 24/7 you’ll hit 300k in about 22 months.

My personal experience with a Green 2TB drive powered up 24/7 (but not spun up full-time):  RMA’d under warranty twice, each drive lasting about a year.  The most recent replacement was a little over a year ago, and I immediately disabled the head park with wdidle3.  My load count is now only 2991 with 9214 power on hours.  It’s still running strong so far, fingers crossed.   :slight_smile:

try and see if it works…

it is NOT suppose to be used on Green drives though. there is no support from WD when using it on a  Green drive.

I tried it on a older version Green same as my user name and it did work but the settings is suppose to be within a range on many drives so i would highly advise running the command to check and validate what it was actually changed to AFTER you make the change of the setting because the results may not be what your after if you try and set it out of range… double check what happened !

but you have a newer generation of Green drive so i’m not sure if the tool will work for you.