Just the basic firmware

I am a WD Mediaplayer user since day 1.

What i really DISLIKE about the WD live hub are the loads of garbage in the firmware.

Many things are not available for Europe anyways.

So why not give us a stripped firmaware that oes back to basics.

1 It should play movies.

2 It should play music

3 it should play pictures

4 it should play if there is no internet connection available. ( netbreak proof )

The rest…garbage.

It has a gigabyte network card that only reaches 12mb.

It has a tiny cpu,

So please please please…get rid of all the garbage and give us the fast movieplayer back without stupid games youtube RSS readers and all other stuff i allready have in my smart tv .


Or is there other firmware that meets my wishes ?


Sounds like you just need a cheap non-smart DVD or Blu-ray player. It will do all of the above you ask.
I don’t see a point in Western Digital releasing two different versions of their firmware. It’s not going to happen lol

Holy cow.    Let’s go through these things one-by-one. :wink:

 It has a tiny cpu,

You realize you’re talking about a product that was designed over four years ago, right?  The Sigma processor in this player was about as good as they get back in 2009… 

1, 2, 3, 4 – already done.

It does NOT have a “gigabyte network card.”  There is no such thing.   Unless you’re talking about a brand name, in which case, that’s not correct…  the network interface, IIRC, is a RealTek brand.

It has a gigaBIT ethernet interface.   And no, it doesn’t only reach 12mb [12 megabit? – that’s a size, not a speed.]  It reaches 12 MB/sec  [12 MegaBYTES per Second, that’s a speed, not a size].   and yes, that’s very, very different.   

Why do you think that stripping down the firmware would make it faster?

To add. It sounds like you don’t need a media player at all as you mention you have a smart TV.

Just use PLEX media server (if Samsung TV) or any other DNLA software to stream from PC to TV

If you are user form the day 1 you should get out WD HD TV (1st Gen) from your closet, because it fits description :slight_smile:


I think you’re living in a dream world

1,2,3 = done

4 tough luck, if you could do that you’d be a millionaire overnight, by selling the tech, ie licensing it to companies to use in their products

gigE port - how fast do you expect the tiny cpu to go

and this was well documented in reviews - do a little research before you make a purchase

as for what you call garbage - there’s nothing preventing you from removing those entries

in fact there’s many many post in this forum, where it’s explained how to do that

yes there are other custom firmwares available, there’s WDLXTV alpha and there a firmware from Gimli

if none of this meets your needs, guess what WD posted the GPL code for download, so you can make your own firmware