Just sent my MyNet N900 back to WD

If anybody cares, I just sent my N900 router back to WD. I finally heard back from tech support (about 10 days after writing them),  and was told to try a reset. Of course, I had already done that multiple times, along with trying various firmware releases. Posed on a 1/2 plastic “feet” that I stuck to the bottom, the router ran cooler and therefore better, but I still had at least daily disconnections.

FYI, it’s easy to get an RMA number if your router is already registered with WD. You can do it online without much trouble at all.

On the other hand, you do have to pay return shipping yourself, which is always a drag. I went with WD’s prepaid UPS deal, which runs $6.95. I’m also not doing advance return, because I don’t feel like having WD charge me for anything else. Besides, I’m happier with my backup router.

If the replacement router works correctly, I’ll probably sell it to recover at least part of my investment. I’m pretty fed up with WD’s attempts to enter the router market. They need to stick with their core product: hard drives. 

Hi, A friend did the advance return and they don’t really charge anything, they just put a hold on the credit card until they get the faulty device. I have a Mynet N900 Central, it used to disconnect a lot, but after the firmware update I don’t have any problems. I really like how you can browse the internet on the PC and play Call of duty online on the Xbox 360 and don’t feel any lag because of the automatic QOS. I agree they had a bumpy start but it’s a lot better now.