Just registered and gave some feedback to WD

Just bought one of these devices. It very good indeed.

I’ve registered my product and detailed the follow - Is this the best way to bring issues to WD attention?


  1.  I use my device to stream video files across the network. Since upgrading to the latest firmware videos have been unwatchable and very jerky. Whilst I can appreciate that there are lots of other functionality brought in by the newer firmware I have had to regress to 1_3_49_v to fix the issues. Any update to this problem would convince me to upgrade the firmware.

Suggested enhancements:

  1. A more slicker solution for skipping through sections of films similarly to what is available on the Playstation 3 (e.g. which brings up an index of screenshots for every 2, 5 or 10mins intervals throughout the film).
  2. The ability to ‘disable’ the check for later firmwares.

If you spend some time reading through these forums, you will see a lot of us experiencing the same type of problems. For me it started with firmware 1.04.10 and continued with 1.04.17. Like you, a lot of us have rolled back to version 1.03.49 to fix the problems.

Folks in this forum put together a real good thread summarizing all of the problems with 1.04.10 (and VOB stuttering and mkv stuttering were on the list), but version 1.04.17 was released with virtually none of the problems described in that thread fixed. Hopefully WD will release a new firmware soon that will address some of the problems.

Here is the problem summary thread. Everyone kept adding to the list so you do not have to read the whole thread. You only need to look at the last post.

Problem Summary

Here is a thread describing mkv stuttering problems.

mkv problems

Here is a thread describing VOB stuttering problems.

VOB Problems

1o minute skip intervalls are already there as mentioned in the manual.

Techflaws wrote:

1o minute skip intervalls are already there as mentioned in the manual.

Thanks for the feedback - I was already aware of this but as I said I was more after a ‘slicker’ method of dong the same. If you don’t ask…