Just received my WDTVL+ today and it won't play anything?

I have it connected thru ethernet and it is able to connect to my HTPC about 1/2 of the time.  When it is able to connect, it cannot play any .avi or .mkv files.

It also thinks that subfolders contain no media files, when *I know for sure* they do.  Went thru the online support, which is not helpful at all.  Bascially, yes, the files I’m trying to play are not corrupt and are “supported” formats.

I really want this to work but if it doesn’t I’m going to have to return it.  Any suggestions?

BTW, I have the network shares setup as 1 user max and set to EVERYONE.  I can confirm the share works fine because I tested it on my laptop AFTERWARDS and they all play fine with ZoomPlayer.

The HTPC is running WinXP SP3 with all latest updates.

Okay, they will play fine when plugged directly into the device, but nothing seems to work when using shared network sources?

I installed Win7 on my HTPC and all shares are working great.  I had been running WinXP for 10 yrs just fine before.  One annoying thing is that in the Network Settings, there’s an option for Auto Login.  You would think that means, when you log into your network computer, it saves your login so that you don’t see the login screen next time you want to access that machine.  However, what Auto Login really means is “anonymous” login, where it uses “anonymous” as the user name.

What ■■■■■ thought of that?!

I hope the custom firmware has a true “automatic” login as well as an “anonymous” login.