Just received and setup My Net AC1300 firewall riddled with holes

Got it set up migrated all my equipment smart 3D TV, 2 BluRays, 2 TiVo’s, PC, wireless all-in-one printer, my PC and of course my Galaxy S4. Ran a few test seems very snappy and a slight improvement over the DLink DIR-825 it’s replacing. Still using the DLink DAP-1522 for now.

Performance test look great it’s the security test that aren’t looking so good on the GRC.com "Shields Up - All Service Ports Test = FAIL! Where my old DLink yielded a TRUE STEALTH result.

(Text Summary Follows) Modem Motorola SB6141 ISP TWC/Road Runner [20/2]

The Text Summary Report :


Good information, thanks for sharing.


N900 with firewall disabled shows true stealth results: