Just making sure there's not a bad memory sector in my WDTV ro something



I’m getting paranoid and thought I’d check.  On playing back on my WDTV the flac file plays back fine, but the MKV file (which is the same FLAC file muxed as Matroska) doesn’t.  I re-encoded the FLAC after cutting it this time so the header should be fine, but for my own piece of mind I’d just like final and absolute confirmation on whether the problem occurs on all SMPs.

(You can rename the mkv to mka if you like, it doesn’t make any actual difference and last I checked Mezzmo didn’t recocognise the mka extension.)

The MKV link is " Permission Denied"


Maybe post the “download” link instead of the “watch” link

Bah, they didn’t like the name and marked it as copyrighted, it’s was just the theme tune but I guess they didn’t check.  Oddly the FLAC file contains exactly the same thing with exactly the same name yet was left alone.  I guess it’s just the V in the extension.



Your *.flac plays fine … the *.mka does not

it’s most probably a problem with how mkvmerge handles muxing 24 Bit *.flac into *mka (or *mkv)

I know this is a pretty old post  (only had a few mins to search, before going out)


but it pretty much describes what i’m hearing from your   *mka …    ie. 1 or 2 seconds of audio … then nothing

maybe i suggest you hit the mkvtoolnix forums with this issue.

Edit: i guess encoding your *flac to 16 Bit and then muxing in mkvmerge will probably solve the problem … but, i suspect that may be committing sacrilege :wink:

Mediafire keeps a count of how exactly how many times a file has been downloaded, which at this point is at exactly 0.


I have at one point uploaded a 25GB Blu Ray rip to the MediaInfo server so that Jerome could look into a bug in the way it analyses Matroska Headers, it never occured to me that copyright was being infringed.  MediaFire has made me feel guilty so I googled for free music and found an album by Nine Inch Nails called The Slip in 24bit 96khz FLAC and muxed it into an MKA using FFMPEG, since they’ve publically released it as free they couldn’t sue me if they wanted to.  Again my WDTV reduced the songs to a medley of screeching (or should I say, a WORSE medley of screeching than it normally is).

The SMP is aging and I’d really like to replace it completely, but at this point if I go to my local shopping center and walk into JB HiFi or Officeworks the SMP is pretty much all they’ve got.  This problem with 24 bit flac has been bugging me since day one and it finally occured to me to wonder why more people aren’t screaming blue murder about it.  MKVToolNix doesn’t have a forum, it has a bug tracker or you can cotact Mosu directly via email.  I’ve already filed more than my fair share of bug reports with the program and even managed to inadvertantly convice Mosu to add track statistics tags to the files (I’m still waiting to see how that turns out).  The same distortion happens if I mux the file with MakeMKV (another program that I’ve filed more than my fair share of bug reports with) and now I know it happens with FFMPEG as well.  I know quite a few of the bugs I’ve reported have been stumbled upon by others, yet for one reason or antoher they either hadn’t reported it or hadn’t managed to convince anyone it was an actual bug, this seems a tad excessive but maybe I’m everestimating the number of people who use an SMP and can figure out how to properly use Eac3to and/or MakeMKV or can be bothered muxing FLAC into a MKA.  I have accss to only one, single SMP to test and I’d like know exactly how far reaching this problem is, WD isn’t telling me anything so I’m asking for help on this forum.