Just Installed My Book Home 1.5 TB - Now PC Takes forever to startup - Something's not right

So I just installed my book home edition, 1.5 TB and connected it via eSATA. I reformatted it to NTSF and moved all of MY DOCUMENTS onto it.

Now when I restart my computer, sometimes I will get a weird error where it displays the serial name for my graphics card or something on a black screen, other times it just takes an eternity to startup. This is the same problem I had when I first installed my internal SATA drive.

It turned out with my internal SATA drive, I had the jumper connected in the wrong postiion. Problem fixed.

But now since I have setup this external WD My Book drive, I am again having similar symptoms. Am I missing something? Is there something else I need to configure?

Also, I have noticed the drive seems to run slower - if I have other apps running while playing itunes, the music will get choppy.

Thanks for any help!