Just highlights on issues that I have faced in the past 1 and a half year

When you read this, chances are, you already bought this product, and facing some troubles now. Also, chances are, it is too late to return (if you live in countries that allow this return) as well… My straight advise to you… Don’t waste your time, just move on with another solutions.

Anyway, my issues generally revolving around:

  • It is not the typical NAS that we know… Forget about this if you intend to use it like a simple file share within LAN. There isn’t any web GUI to configure anything, not even static IP. Yeah, they ask you to meddle with DHCP IP reservation instead… They call this PAS, but they never train their seller to emphasize that… so, many bought this with the perception of MyCloud replacement, an improved NAS.

  • Oh ya, there is a public share for LAN… BUT, mind you, it is TOTALLY unprotected. Zero access control. It is so-called designed for Windows File Backup… Who will put a windows file backup, even though it can be password protected on a totally unprotected shares on network?!

  • You know what, this devices DOES NOT WORK if there is NO INTERNET(!!), even if you are on the same LAN with that devices. U lost access to the file if you lost internet… Isn’t that a joke?

  • Intermittent disconnection. Just browse through this forum, see how many cases are reported here. There is no solutions. All the blames are on our routers, networks, etc. This affect so much if you rely on this device as backup… because, the backup will keep getting interruption and eventually fail at many different times.

  • Slow file transfer… Somehow, if you started to have a lot of files, I am talking about thousands of files, then you will start to suffer this. I think it has got to do with constant updates of indexes across internet so that it is ready at the “cloud”. Again, chances are, our routers and network will take the blame, again. Just cant imagine why a simple local LAN file transfer can suffer the slow file transfer.

So far, the only benefit I see on this devices is, it is very portable. You can connect it to any network, from home to office, to hotel, to wherever, there is no need to reconfigure anything. It will work as long as it has “DIRECT” internet connection. BUT, question is, is this meant to be a “portable” devices? LOL.

I made a post within a week when I first bought this device. 1 and a half year had past. During this time, I was hoping the new firmware will come to the savior. Well, seems it is gonna stay as what it was. I keep re-purpose it for less and less critical use… and finally, I find that it is wasting my electricity than doing its work. So, I made a post again, to mark my present that I had ever made such a purchase… Good bye. LOL.

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