Just had to restore from the external harddrive. Why are the docs 10 months old?

I just had to restore all of my documents to my PC.  Some of these docs are working copies that are used at least twice a month.  But, they have not backed up for 10 months!   These old docs do me very little good?  How do I get my book to back up when a doc has been updated?  Space on the drive is no issue. 

Thanks for your help

Are you using a mybook with smartware on it?

smartware is a continuous backup software

please state the model number of the drive

WD5000H1CS is the model number. 

Or, perhaps it’s 5009A

I don’t have much faith in Smartware. I only did one backup with it and uninstalled it. It sounds like you’d be better off with some type of sync software.


Thanks for your answer.  do you have any suggestions for sync software?   

I am seeing a internal drive? WD5000H1CS

is it in a enclosure

It’s an external drive

If you want free there Is Sync Toy from Microsoft. I use Good Sync http://www.goodsync.com/