Just got WD TV live hub

Got it connected up ok, but don’t know how to record. Don’t quite understand hand set

help please

It does Not  \ *Record*   … it’s a Player

Dont understand the Remote Control ?    Try reading the User Manual.


Thanks for the message Joey,

I’am not  great understander of these things.  I bought it as a type of hard drive to hold films etc,  I was hoping to work it in conjunction with Overplay and record some programms, but it seems I can’t, bit of a waste of cash eh?

Thanks for the advice on the website for the controller, it was good.

It is NOT a recorder of any kind. It is a playback device for pre-recorded media and streaming of media from supported websites and networked devices. You can use it to store your own media or media you download from the internet, but it can NOT record anything. If this is what you bought it for, then you should have read up on it beforehand. Nowhere in the literature or packaging does it refer to recording. For what it can do it is arguably the best device in its class.