Just got the WD black2 dual drive but need help


I recently got a WD Black2 drive in the mail and after setting it up I noticed the drive beeping whenever I would access things like a web browser after a few minutes or when it was under load. there were also freezes on my system (almost like stuttering) during the beeping sometimes.

in order to attempt to repair it I ran the WD tool to check the drive and the short test came up clean so I ran a diskcheck from windows and checked to scan for bad sectors as well. while no  bad sectors or anything was found the beeping and slowness issues did stop.

so my question is this:

is this normal of a new SSD? (also checking the 1TB side now)

when should I be worried about the drive being bad?

just as a side note there is occasional beeping and slowness I noticed while scanning the terrabyte partition with windows disk check.

*EDIT* Ok so it took forever to get some form of chkdsk to complete. I also ran an extended test and found no errors. after all is said and done I deleted the 1tb partition and the computer runs like a dream but when I recreate it I instantly start having the same issues crop up.

any help would be greatly appreciated…


Try updating the firmware.

I actually did that before I installed any other software as a precaution. I ended up sending the drive back to the retailer for a replacement and will update when I get the new one how things go.

just dropping a line to post an update on this issue. I got the new drive the other day, updated firmware and installed windows and the drivers for the black2. everything is working great on the new dual drive and I am very happy with it! it still does occasionally beep at me but it doesnt slow down and/or hiccup like it was doing before!

all in all i’m really liking this drive! :smiley:

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