Just got the Live Hub Plus 1TB & have additional 1TB WD Drive

Please let me explain and any and all help is greatly appreciated.  I currently have roughly 1.8TB of movies.  I have the Hub with the 1TB hard drive built in, and a additional 1 TB WD drive that I plugged into the back.  It took days to transfer 1TB worth of movies onto the WD Hub and get the meta data for it.  Now I have my existing .8TB of movies on my external which is plugged into the back of the HUB,

The problem is when I start my HUB and go to Videos I then get 2 folders - WDTVLiveHub and USB2.

If I continue to WDTVLiveHUB it then takes me to a movies folder with all the copied file there.  I then have to go back to USB2, then another blank folder opens labeled My_Passport, then an additoanl fodler named Movies.

Ideally I would like it where you can click on Videos on the Home Screen and it would then take me to my Movies fodler and 3dMovies folder, rather than list the 2 seperate drives.  Is there not a library built in that can handle both drives but show them as one?  Otherwise I will then have to manually alphabaitize them, and then have a-m then n-z on another drive.  If that’s the case then this blows.  I am sure I must be doing something wrong.  I love the HUB, but this is frustrating.

Please HELP fellow WD HUBbers.:dizzy_face:

Looking for an answer to this myself.  I’ve searched the forum and seen similar questions, but seemingly no answers.

Some have suggested that having ‘Media Library’ set to ‘on’ should search your drives for media and arrange all videos from all drives under ‘VIDEO’ in the main menu.  This doesn’t seem to do the job for me though . . . do you have Media Library on?

You’ve got two choices:

Set the filter to ALL, which will merge everything together into a single view.

Set the filter to FOLDERS (which you’ve already done.)

The Drives ARE separate folders, so that’s why it navigates that way.

The reason is that it needs to make sure files are unique.   If you have the same folder name on both drives, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart if they were just merged together.

For example, if you have:


        My Movies …


        My Movies…

You wouldn’t be able to tell which was which in the UI, so it starts the navigation by requiring you to choose the unique folders (or drives.)


Hmm. Yep. Setting the filter to ALL definitely does the job, but then all of my videos are thrown together. This is confusing when I have several EPISODE 1s (or whatever) for series. Theres no way to maintain even basic folder structure? (movies/tv shows) Am I better off just putting all movies on the internal drive and all tv shows on the external? Thanks for your reply!

If you want to sort via Folders, then knowing that the folders INCLUDE the Drive or NAS Names, then yeah, you probably want to take that into account as you organize your media.

I had a similar concern. check this out when you have time…


ISounds like I am stuck, I would have thought they would have a Library mapping tool; so to speak.  So when I click on Movies it knows to open USB1/Movies/*   USB2/Movies/*  WD/Movies/*

I have 3D movies, Movies, TV Shows, and what has been suggested doesn’t really solve much.