Just got my WDTV Live

Hi all,

My WDTV Live arrived from Amazon this morning and so far I’m pretty impressed with it. I’ve thrown a few different file types at it and its had no bother playing them all so far.

YouTube looks pretty good but I’m disappointed with Pandora. I was looking forward to having that as my preferred radio network (over L365) but it says I’m not allowed to use it! Nowhere on the online specs of this site have I seen anything that says it is restricted to the USA (like it says Netflix is). Not happy with that! :angry:

Now all I need to be done to make this an even better media player is to give it BBC iPlayer support. I see that the many requests for this have been changed to “under review” but that happened months ago. Are we any closer to finding out whether iPlayer support will be implemented (and if it is, will we get BBC HD and the upcoming BBC1 HD channel)?

Thanks all.