Just got it - cant use it - why cant i add any files from computer?

I registered it
Im a girl
and i dont know tech

BUT clicked all the For Mac stuff

Why cant I use it?
i have tried various files on computer but none can be dragged into it

whats all this about The CLOUD
is that the issue??
I do not have nor want the cloud
thats why i bought an external drive to put my photos on

HELP please !

@anjel What WD My Cloud product do you own? It’s hard to help if we don’t know which product you own.

i didnt buy anything to DO with the Cloud…

at least, not knowingly - i bought an external hard drive…

Normally you just plug them in and they work…

Being a girl is NOT an excuse for not reading instructions. Did you read the quick guide that came with it, or the full instructions that can be downloaded from WD?

You also need to tell exactly what you bought, meaning device name, model number, etc.

yes, and I installed it - clicked all the For Mac stuff and completed process
despite some contradictory messages: Its installed / its still working

I unplugged it several times and started again before it was finally done

and I registered it

But i don’t know WHY i had to do anything .

Its an external hard drive

  • normally there is no software associated … it should function like a thumb drive (but larger)

its an EASY STORE portable 4T drive
‘‘plug and play’’

I’ve bought two - needed urgently - and can only conclude they are damaged …

i tried the other, without doing the other steps
and it still not accepting any data either

the instructions say
after you connect it nothing needs to be done… unless you want to ‘’‘enhance it’’
it says just plug it in and thats it.

Which is what expected.
after plug in…

‘’ Your easystore drive is now ready to use as an external storage device. You can enhance its capabilities by installing the WD Discovery software that is on the drive:’’

Well, it is not!

Any one have advice before I return them both??

@anjel Is it the Portable or the Desktop? Look at this link if you are unsure what you have.

You can always go to Best Buy and hire the Geek Squad to help you out.

User Manual, Portable, http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705168.pdf

User Manual, Desktop, http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705169.pdf