Just got 3TB My Book and already isn't working

So about 2 or 3 days ago, I got my 3TB My Book 1140. Yesterday, I came back from picking up a tablet I’d ordered and come to move some files over and around from the HDD. It seems to be working the entire time until I install the software for my tablet. Perhaps this is the problem? If so, what do I do? I’d also set up the SmartWare programs for the external HDD as soon as I’d gotten it, but now even the Unlocker won’t work so that I can access it. The light on it constantly flashes over and over; sometimes rapidly, other times slow and brief. To top it off, the notification for WD Quick View says that it is doing a “Drive Discovery” for hours at a time, saying that there is 0% used in the volume. I’d opened DiskManager, My Computer, and Program Files and it hadn’t shown up. In DiskManager, it could locate it, but not utilize it saying that there was an “I/O  error”.

Also, just before that, earlier in the day–before leaving, I dropped it, but caught it before it hit anything. Yet, it worked upon me arriving later on that day. To add gas to the fire, I’d already transferred about 50% of my files from my computer onto this new external HDD. Most of which are IMPORTANT files. Very important files since I’m in college as a Computer Science (why didn’t I choose Computer Engineering/Technology?!?) and have to do tons of work saved. >__< I have a warranty, but everywhere I’ve read says that it’d be formatted or replaced if I sent it in for that.

I don’t have too much more money left to get another, plus most of my files are on it! HELP!

I/O error means input/output error, either the cable or the port of the drive or comp is broken. Try diff comp,ports and cables. Also make sure that the drives power adapter is directly connected to a wall outlet.

I’ve tried both ports on my computer, letting it stay off all day unplugged–after safely removing it, and checked the wire that it’s plugging it to my computer. I notice that it shows the G: CD-ROM image [that used to be the Unlocker Disk] whenever I plug it into my computer. But it never changes to the actual unlocker icon and says it is found “unaccessible” or so whenever I click on it. I downloaded the stand-alone Unlocker Disk from the WD website, but when I run it, it says that I don’t have my drive connected, when it actually is.

So, I’m confused on what to do! T^T It recognizes that it’s plugged in, but refuses to actually allow me use of it >__<