Just Connected WD Live Plus with USB N Wilress Adapter - I still don't see my USB HD on Win 7 laptop

Hi Guys,

I just hooked up my WD Live Plus with a USB wireless N adapter, and this is I guess very basic but I am stumbling on the first step here, how come I don’t see my 2 TB HD that is connected to my WD on my Win 7 PC?

I was hoping to drag and drop files and do more as I thought I would be able to see the USB HD once I have a network connection.  I do see the content on my Win 7 laptop in the Media share and I am able to browse files and play some of them, but how do I transfer files from my laptop to the WD connected Hard drive?

I am still new to this and so am still experimenting, learning about the different options, I am sure the next batch of quesitons will  be on streaming content. :slight_smile:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Have you enabled file sharing ?, page 67 in the manual

Thank You for that tip.   Upon looking at the manual i realized that I had never installed the WD discovery tool.  I just downloaded it and installed it and immediately it found my USB HD. 

I am transferring a file right now to it but the transfer rate is really awful - 1.85 Mbps on an N adapter that is going through a Dlink 655 Xtreme n router.   Is this normal?