Just bought WD My Cloud 3TB and having a few problems

Just got my WD My Cloud 3TB and already setup but having a few problems as below:

  1. Link generated in My Cloud for windows cannot be accessed or download. It just shown as 404 error
    The link looks like this:

  2. Link generated in My Cloud for Android also not working. It just show a page like this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26880986/cloud1.png
    No file to access as well as no download at all
    The link generated looks like this

  3. WD Sync
    Added a few folders in to WD Sync. All went well until I add another file into one of the folder but cannot see such file from the mapped drive

Please advise what to do. Thanks


As a recommendation, try resetting the unit or perform a system only restore.

See if the following link helps:

Reset as per instructed but still not working. Do I need to open port 80 & 443. I thought these 2 ports should be closed for security reason. If I forward these 2 ports, is is safe?

To give cloud access direct to your device (port forwarding mode), yes, you need to enable port forwarding on your router.

To give cloud access via WD’s servers (relay mode), you don’t need to enable port forwarding.

I’ve found that, if your router’s internet IP address changes (usually on re-boot, allocated by your ISP), port forwarding mode doesn’t recover, and you have to disable and re-enable cloud access. Relay mode seems to be able to cope with router IP address changes.

You have enabled cloud access for the MyCloud, haven’t you…?

Yes, I have enable cloud access. May I know what is the advantage and disadvantage between Relay and Direct Mode? Like exposure of files stored in WD My Cloud, etc.


In relay mode, you’re relying on going via WD’s servers to gain access to your device. File transfer is initiated via this means, but files do not pass through WD’s servers (AAUI). Files are encrypted in transit, anyway.

So, if WD’s servers are down (they have been in the past), you can’t access your files.

In port forwarding mode, all communication is between the accessing device and your MyCloud; no third parties are involved (other than the internet infrastructure…).

I’ve already mentioned my observations on the benefits of relay mode vs port forwarding, as I experience them.

Thank you for the detail explanation. I’ll go for Relay Mode then.