Just bought WD HD1080p media player and not playing .mov files

Hi ,

just bought one of these and set up, though this is brilliant as plays all music and photo’s, yet for some reason will not playing .mov video shot on my Lumix TZ3 camera. it plays movies shot recently on kodak zi8 as thats an HD video camera.

I’m completely non-technical so is this not recognising the format of the other video’ s as they were shot on a non HD machine?

I love the system but will have to send back if this doesn’t work as the majority of the videos of my kids are from the old camera - The Lumix is only 2 years old

any help would be greatly appreciated

Unfortunately no media player can play all the various codecs that are out there (and a MOV file is just a container that can hold a TON of different audio and video codecs).  There are various things you can do and whether you want to try them is up to you (but you will probably have this issue on almost any player you try).

If you don’t mind re-encoding your videos the easiest, most foolproof way is just to run them through Handbrake (freeware) using the High Profile preset (but change the output type to MKV).  This ought to produce files from your videos that work perfectly with the Live with no distinguisble loss of quality.  But there will be some time involved (time depends on the speed of your machine as well as the length of the videos).  With home movies it should be pretty quick and it will also shrink them down so you can save space if that’s important.

many thanks Mike - I’ll try that later - appreciate the response - MPEG Streamclip has also been recommended by one of the techies at work


just as an update - used handbrake and it worked perfectly. WD now plays all my music, photo’s and videos. what a piece of kit. many thanks  Mike for your help

You’re very welcome.

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