Just bought RE4 drive, but it's end of life so no warranty?

Two months ago I bought a new WD RE4 500gb hard drive on eBay. I’ve used it less than a month and it has a serious problem. I registered it with WD, and tried to get warranty help but was told the following: “We have stop manufacturing the WD RE / WD RE4 and it is end of life” so there is no warranty even though I had just bought it.

Is this information correct, that because it is end of life (as of a year ago the tech support said) that means the warranty has stopped, no matter how recently I bought it? Could someone comment on this…


  1. What’s the ‘serious problem’ ?

  2. Have you contacted the Ebay Seller to see what they have to say ?

If you were able to buy it from an Authorized WD Reseller, that’d be a different story. But yeah, if some Joe Schmo bought it ten years ago and stuck it under his bed and then sold it on eBay, I don’t blame WD for denying the warranty. Joe had entitlement to it… you didn’t.