Just bought Generation 2 at Fry's


Just thought I would share a little here. Today at my local Fry’s Electromics they had the 2nd Generation WD HD TV Media Player on sale for 110.00 dollars. I broke down and purchased one even though I bought a Generation 1 about a month ago. The Generation 2 version works much better than the Generation 1 box; it has a better menu interface and it plays almost all of the downloads I have that the Generation 1 would not play. The number of audio codecs supported is much much better in Generation 2 than Generation 1. Don’t purchase Generation 1 ! Do purchase Generation 2 ! Generation 2 is more gunmetal in color and has DTS on the outside of the box. May the Force Be With You … As well as the sound.  Jesone 


yeah BUT

  1. WDTV gen2 has audio out of sync bug in some mkv files…it gets worse with time and only “workaround” is to FF the movie and then rewind and play…but then its annoying and audio again gets delayed…

  2. too small subs…40 as max is a joke

  3. 6 of us purchased this unit (gen2)…two units died in a few weeks…

  4. WDTV hav problems with some sticks bigger than 2GBs…

there are better solutions for media player (not much expensive)…

one day WD will “do their homework right”…I hope


Jesone wrote:

Generation 2 is more gunmetal in color

Are you sure you’re not confusing the WDTV gen 2 and the WDTV Live?  The Live is gun metal grey, but my understanding is that the “newer” version of the original WDTV is still black.


your right…Live is gunmetal and gen2 is black just like gen1…