Just bought an elements WDBACC 60fps prob

Tried to load my videos on the box from my sanyo VPC-FH1 but they have been filmed at 60fps Full HD.

The sound plays fine but the video crashes, i have updated to the latest firmware but suspect its because its 60fps.

Any ideas how to convert to 30fps or is there a fix or will it need a later firmware (in the future) to fix it.

I have for now changed the settings on the camera for any new videos to 30fps.

Iam using a macbook with osx lion

MPEG Streamclip can do this. It’s a freeware tool that you will probably need to use anyway to transcode the files from H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC to the Apple Intermediate Codec. (Unless you import directly from the connected camera in iMovie, where iMovie is going to transcode automatically.) If you don’t want any transcoding, you better have a not-too-old or low-spec Mac because the highly compressed H.264-encoded video stream is extremely processor-intensive in processing.