Just before I returned My Cloud

I did a full restore because I was returning it so wanted to wipe it. It kept falling off the network, then behaving for a while after a reset, then failing again.
This morning I started up my mac to find the wee app on the taskbar. So I looked on http://wdmycloud.local/UI/ and set it up again - it all looked rather healthy. Following the “Before you RMA your My Cloud” advice I turned off the sharing, which I had done already to try and fix the slow access/hanging/freezing issues.
It all looked rather tickety so I went back to the quicklook app and fired it up. I thought I would see what would happen if I backed up my Lightroom files. The 225 gb file is transferring, by wi-fi, at about 60 gb an hour. Before the restore it ran at around 4 gb an hour. So I was very reluctant to do a full restore because of the time it would take to load all my files again. But at this rate of transfer, who cares? All my files, all backed up in a few hours? That’ll do nicely.
If it works, and I really really hope it does, then the My Cloud will be as brilliant as I understood it to be.


Thanks for sharing this with the community. Hope this helps other users experiencing the same.