Junk? WD MPP1TB dropping connections and SD Card slot problem

Spent the day trying to get a 1TB WD my passport wireless drive functionin with my iPad, Less than impressed. After many hours, I finally got it to connect once. Updated the firmware, now the SD card reader not recognizing any cards. Regular SD micro SD and non of them will mount. Will give it one more try but looking like boxing it up until they get a better product.

Did you ever refer to the complete user manual for assistance?

I have, although it’s a bit challenging when the drive only stays connected for about 2-3 minutes. Have reset, firmware updated, re booted, tried 2.4 and 5 ghz. Nothing seems to be helping me get this connected other than via USB. It was purchased to use with an iPad Pro, So far it seems to only be a USB capable HD.

Now it just flashes blue led rapidly, “device has a problem”. Not great for something fresh out of a box.

Contact seller for another NEW one (if new is what you bought). ASAP. Don’t screw around with this forum. They are good devices, but sometimes there are lemons with any product.