Jumpy ISO Playback for one video, not all

I replaced an Apple TV with the WD TV Live Plus a couple of days ago.  I have ripped all of my kids cartoons/movies to a 1TB Western Digital drive.  All of the movies except for one play back fine (1 out of 197).  I had a couple of others that would not play at all, but re-ripping them solved the problem.  The specific movie is Monsters Inc.  I have ripped the movie via DVDFab 8 (current version).  I tried re-ripping the movie, and even tried putting it on a different drive.  The ISO can be mounted and played back fine on the computer, and it played fine on the appletv when I had that hooked up.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Anyone else have this movie in ISO format and getting it to play fine?  Thanks!

Hi DG,

I’ve not had a problem with this DVD but I’ve had far more success with MKV files instead of DVD files.  I’d suggest getting a copy of MakeMKV and try ripping the main movie out to a MKV file - at least as a test.


OK, thanks!  Are their any optimal settings for that program, or is it pretty much go with the defaults.  I am more concerned with quality over storage cost.

Using MakeMKV won’t affect your quality at all; MakeMKV simply transfers the audio and video streams into an MKV container without changing anything really. 


Using makemkv alone helped, but it was still a little jittery.  I then started looking into Handbrake, and was able to get a pretty good looking video, and save some storage to boot.  I used HB 0.95, selected High Profile from the presets.  On the first tab, i set the container to MKV, set anamorphic to strict, and on the third tab set the RF to 18.  End results are a 1.5GB mkv file (from 3.5gb ISO) that plays perfect on the WD TV.  I am going to test a couple more movies, but if the results are similiar, I am on the road to convert the entire collection.

I hope this information helps anyone else having the same problem.