Jumper settings

Can anyone please help?

I have three WD800BB HD’s, I think they are 80GB, I need the jumper settings to knock them down to 32GB.


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I’m not tech support, but my understanding is that your model doesn’t have any jumper settings to lower the hard drive capacity. Why would you like to lower the capacity? 

Jumper Settings for WD SATA and EIDE Hard Drives:

If you can’t find a jumper setting that works, then you can cut the capacity of your drive by creating a Host Protected Area (HPA). One suitable tool is HDAT2. Page 5 of the HDAT2 Cook Book explains how to “change the native size” of your HDD.

Otherwise, to circumvent your BIOS limitation, look for a Disk Drive Overlay (DDO). OnTrack’s DDO and Microhouse EZ-DRIVE are two that come to mind. OEM versions were provided by various HDD manufacturers.

Explanation of Host Protected Area:

HDAT2/CBL Hard Disk Repair Utility:

Thankd for the replies.

I’m a bit confused here, my HDR’s original HD jumpers are set to “Duel Master”, I have set the new WD HD to the same, but it’s not being recognized, the problem as I see it is, my HDR won’t recognize anything over 32GB, the new HD is 80GB, I can’t see any info showing how to actually knock it down to 32GB, am I missing something?

I think I should mentio the Mackie HDR’s are windows based but are not pc’s and don’t have the same options as a pc.

The system for adding a new HD works like this, two floppy’s are needed on boot-up to re-install the OS, this works but when it’s loaded, a message comes up, “do you want to install this OS” when I click OK I get the message " Memory extraction Error" which means no communication with the HD…because, I think, it’s still at 80GB’s.

Just had this reply from WD.

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Support.

I want to apologize but
there is no jumper setting which can force down the capacity size of the drive.
But you can try to make a 32 GB partition on the drive and then you can try to
use the drive onto the Mackie HDR.