Jumper pins explanation please

Building new system. Received new WDBAAZ002OHNC-NRSN (MDL:WD2002FAEX-007BA0)  Cavier Black 2Tb drive - label has picture and comments for the jumper pins; Jumper pins 3-4 enables PUIS, pins 5-6 limits PHY to 3Gbps. Have no idea what this means - can anyone provide an explanation?

1- The PUIS Power up in Stand By Mode is a onfiguration which prevents the drive from automatic spinup when power is applied. The spinup occurs later by an ATA command, only when the disk is needed, to conserve electric power.

2- PHY to 3Gbps: means you can select sata 3.0 if your controller has a problem dealing with the drive.

2-PHY to 3Gbps: I don’t think the reply provided is correct - 3GBps is the speed for SATA II - 6Gbps is for SATA III - my guess is the jumper is to allow the drive to work if connected to SATA II controller - though the drive is designed for SATA III.

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