JSA720 *WIP Update* 26/01/2013

Excellent work as always Joey! 

I do like the vertical menu graphic approach (’ media’ text on left hand side running vertically up screen)

One QQ- I thought xml text (movie info) didn’t work well with linksheets, or is this part of the reason contributing to the speed factor?

This new style of the JSA720 Music-List view with fanart-background … a revolution, just fantastic.

Congratulations for it, Joey … keep going on with such artwork !

Thanks Steffen_2009

Was gonna post something this weekend … but lost electricity on sunday nite (thanks to “Oswald”)

… lasted 20 hours  …

only just got back on today.

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Sorry to hear about the power outage, i hate that.

It’s looking great, can’t wait till its ready for the big screen.


I’m liking this too.

I especially like the movie info up the right hand side.  Which view  is this? (Oh just noticed it is the folder view - I can’t seem to get Folder sheets to work on my SMP - Thumbgen settings maybe).

Also Joey I’m a noob at customisation but have programming experience and the XML’s are pretty straight forward.  However one thing I don’t know is what xml’s to definitely not touch.  Is there anywhere I can find out this out…which to modify and which ones not? Just now, I take a look at the xml’s I think I need to modify and see if the data that I want to change is in there. If not, I move to the next likely one.

Sorry for the extra questions :slight_smile:


To start with theming … for me the download of this documentation and thread


was very helpful.

As far as I know you can touch and modify every XML . But it is very helpful to know before working which one(s) to take.


… 20 hours without electricity - oh dear. 

To say with the words of AC/DC’s " NO voltage … in big Australia" . But probablity more children in 9months :laughing:


I barely survived … had a little help

1 x Car

1 x Cheap $50 100w Invertor plugged in Car’s Cigaretter Lighter

1 x Raspberry Pi (Raspbian OS)

1 x ADSL Modem

1 x 15inch LCD Monitor

1 x Portable DVD with USB playback

Internet access and Entertainment for about 7-8 hours … :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, be really careful with xmls like this …  inc_ ****** _menu_node.xml 

Pardon my douchiness, but how this linksheets thingy is working ? I am sure there’s a topic or a post about it but i couldn’t find it…

Thank you

Try search… ?


Read and enjoy :slight_smile:

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A basic explanation

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This is helpful thank you both

no probs :smiley:

worked on this during the week …

1. “List View” with “Linksheets” tidied up black overlay diffusion layer (too much gradient banding)  and thumbnail frame (which had gradient banding as well) …

2. Overlay of new “Options Dialog” design (needs to be moved ‘up’ by about 5 pixels … which will take an hour or more )

3. Info Screen “Overlays” all of it, but also has a “Linksheet” Underlayed through the info diffusion layer … which matches exactly to the “List View” Linksheet.

It’s tricky stuff  :wink:  … takes ages to get “right”  (took about 2 days … but still needs little tweaks and adjustments)

Don’t even ask about the Home Menu … i’m having nightmares about that :smileyvery-happy:

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Hi Joey keep on the good work :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks Plesk90 :smiley:

Discovered today, how to have a different  “Thumbnail Background Frame” in “Info View”  :smiley:

So, it’s a different background focused frame for Music and Movies.

I don’t think the code or graphics was there in older firmware… anyways works sweet on 3.05.10 :smiley:


Hi JoeySmyth,

I’m a big fan of your themes and i am very happy to read you are working on this new theme
Can you tell me how long it will take till this theme is ready?

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Yes, i do not want to sound like a dbag either but i ask myself the same question because you know YOUR THEME IS BEWTIFOOL.

if you didn’t want to sound like a dbag why did you spell “BEAUTIFUL”  … BEWTIFOOL ?

sounds more like a gibe to me.

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Yes i think you have a point JoeySmyth :wink:
But the people why are serious and interested in your theme like me cannot wait to use it.
Can you please tell me if there is any progress because my wdtv live hub needs a little JoeySmyth magic…!!

Looks awesome!  Can’t wait for the theme to be available.  Great work Joey!