JS MOD Aeon Dark mtn.exe

I am looking in the folders and I can’t seem to find this to do my moviesheets and backdrops. Am I missing something here?

mtn.exe   aka  (Movie Thumbnailer)


Is an external program (and is optional ‘plugin’ for Thumbgen) that grabs screenshots from a video file.

It is an ‘offline’ program, ie. it is ‘not’ a scraper that looks up movie info from the net.

I was wanting to be able to accomplish this - http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/191/originalib.jpg/

Try reading or asking the Author of the Theme (Mojo by Tinwarble) in his thread for an answer.



Think you are getting a bit confused here.

Thumbgen is the program that does all that, with the correct Imdb info and Tmdb, it gets the Thumbs and Backdrops.

mtn.exe as Joey has pointed out, is just a little app that grabs screenshots from the Films on your PC, and thats all it does, it still needs Thumbgen to be able to use them, its only really handy if yu dont like the screenshots you get from sites, or in the rare case there are none.

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Okay thanks I see now. I’ll start my collection today then.