JPG to ISO thumbnail association not displayed properly over the network bug?

I have WDTV Live player attached to a USB drive containing DVD.ISO files with the associated JPG files with the same name for thumbnail.  When browsing the drive content under Video category in thumbnail mode, only the ISO files are display with it’s thumbnail.  No JPG files are displayed as individual objects.  Good.  

I have another WDTV Live Plus on the network  that can access the hard drive content of the first WDTV Live player. When browsing the content under Video Category and thumbnail mode, all of the JPG files are listed as individual objects at the top of the queue and the ISO are all at the bottom.  Is this a bug?  Can anyone tell me how I can fix this so that only the ISO objects are displayed as when I’m browsing the content locally on the WDTV Live?  Thanks in advance.

It’s a limitation of NETWORK SHARES.

The proper display of JPG thumbnails has a dependency on the Media Library.   The Media Library is not created for Network Shares, only local storage.

Some people have said that if you precede the JPG file name with a “.” that the problem will go away.



but I’ve never tried it…

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Thanks, that worked.  I wonder why WD didn’t implement the Media Library on network shares.  It would be a great feature to have and make for a consistent experience.

They didn’t implement it because they can’t.

If the share is read-only and there’s no attached USB storage, where will the WDTV write the library info?  There’s no place to save the necessary info.

Many/most users have written that they have no intentions of giving the WDTV write access to their shares.

If all the media is networked, and the user is using an USB keyboard and a USB wireless dongle, even if WD insisted that all users must have at least one USB local storage device attached (which would upset a great many users), many people wouldn’t have an open USB port to attach storage to.

So now you have to go out and buy USB storage and a USB hub just to get files on other devices to “show properly”?  I don’t think the consumers would approve of that idea.

So… WD can’t really do it.


True.  All good points. 

I still think it would be nice to have as an Option that a user can turn ON or OFF with an understanding that you will need a locally attached drive or a writable network share.   Since USB thumb drives are cheap now a day, I think it wouldn’t be a big deal to get a 1GB flash drive and plug it into an availabel port.

Well, at this point it’s become a product distinction.   The Live HUB does do this without any modifications.

Yep… we can hope it gets added as an option.  I know people have been asking for it, in one form or another, for pretty much the entire life of the WDTV Live.

WD could be working on possible work-arounds, but they’re tight-lipped… we might not know until a future firmware suddenly has it. :wink:

They’ve certainly “acknowledged” enough of the ideas that folks have posted and voted for, that relate to this.

We’ll see what happens.

Ya, there’s that too, Tony… I keep forgetting now that the Hub’s out, that it’s also in WD’s financial interests to make the Live Hub an attractive upgrade option.  There’s no financial incentive to spend engineering time and effort into turning existing devices into Hub-like players.