JPG and MP4 files dropping in size after uploading from computer

GoPro pics I added from my MacBook lose a little bit of size - 4.1 MB shrinks to 3.9 MB, for example. Not a huge drop but it seems odd they would shrink. Am I loosing any picture quality by uploading? Also, some feature length movies that were in the 1 - 1.1 GB range have shrunk to 150 - 180 MB and are completely unwatchable due to massive pixel size. Also, all of the photos and most of the movies were uploaded via ethernet cable thru the modem. Is there anyway to stop photos from shrinking and/or recover the movies? Unfortunately I deleted them from my computer (like a bonehead) before realizing the problem… Any advice helps!

Matt Schreffler

For the 4.1 to 3.9, I would not worry about it, different systems will list the files at different sizes. You could check both files doing an md5sum and compare the output.

Now, for the 1-1.1 to 150-180mb, that is a totally different story. If you just copy/paste the files, there should not be that much of a difference. How did you uploaded the file? Meaning software wise.

mycloud does not do any file manipulation.

Thanks for the advice. Pretty sure I just dragged/dropped the files in from a folder on my desktop. They were taken off of a portable hard drive, so I suppose the problem could have come when I copied them in the first time and I didn’t notice until I uploaded them to my cloud storage.