.jpg and .mkv files turned into empty folders help please!

hi so i have a 2.5TB external hardrive from WD connected to my network to stream movies across the house. i use WDTV lives to play the files. every now and then the thumbnail jpegs files and even some of the .mkv fiels turn into and empty folder that can be opened and says it is zero bytes… so will be an empty folder that “picture1.jpg” but its a empty folder… anyone know what causes this? or if it can be fix? would really hate to lose video footage this way. i do also have a folder with home movies in it and that is my biggest concern. dont want to see this happen to those files. Untitled.jpg

Could be data corruption problem, did you verified if the problem happens with the hard drive connected directly to the PC. 

has never happened while plugged directly into the computer but have never had it connected to pc for long enough… its connected to a router then from there connected to WDTV lives in every room in the house. its happened twice… once it messed up 1 movie and a few jpegs and this time just jpeg thumbnails… i recently transfered a movie to the hard drive and turned on the WDTV to watch it an updated my firmware 2 nights ago… after that is when i noticed the problem… not sure if firmware updating can effect it.

Has anybody pin pointed the cause of this issue? I am also having this issue.

I am having the same problem.  Luckily I have all my files backed up on another hard drive, so I’ve been just deleting the empty folders and recopying the files.  I am wondering if there has been any progress on a solution to this yet.


I have a similar problem when (too) often, my folders or files disapear.  I have a 3TB WD Essential, hooked in my Netgear Router as a network drive in my PC.

Sometimes, I copy a large film I ripped and if I look at another film folder, the files get mixed up (it shows another folders files when anything instead of what I copied into it before).

I don’t know if this triggers the problem but it seems to happen (at least I noticed it) when I do simultaneous copies at the same time (many file copy windows opened).   I also once had a directory that I saw the name, but was empty and the drive did not permit me to delete it (even as administrator…)      I never remove this disk (disconnect it) from my setup, so the cache writes should have all the time to go through (I think).

I just ran today a chkdsk (took forever) and many sectors were corrected.  I lost many file directories (mainly movies that I will need to rip again) in the process.

Did I purchase a flawed disk ?  I just don’t trust this WD to dump my pictures and important documents without another copy…  and it was the goal…

Any suggestions on how to stabilize the disk (other than with an hammer…) so I can use it with confidence.



I know you don’t want to hear this but never trust important data to just one drive internal or external no matter who makes it. Find your drive at WD and in the downloads find Digital Life Guard then download and run that and see  if it shows errors.