JPEG streaming info needed

I’m thinking of buying a WDTV for the principal purpose of streaming JPEGs from a WD MyCloud NAS via a wired connection.  I have a couple of old blu-ray players that will do this, but they each take five or more seconds to load the next picture in a sequence. Just not usable.  The JPEGs tend to be big, up to 12MB and about 7MB average.  Using the NAS to play the JPEGs on my windows box the load times are essentially instantaneous, so I think that network speed is not much of a factor.  Can the WDTV handle this task in a reasonable time, say less than one second per load from button press?  If a WDTV is not the right choice can you think of something that will do the job at a reasonable price?  Thanks for your help.

Hello tdog66, welcome to the WD Community. This will depend on several factors like the network speed and the type of pictures that you’re trying to copy. A wired connection is always recommend for the best possible transfer rates. 

the WD is ok for doing this, not the best, but it’s ok

I don’t use my WD for slideshows or photo browsing

it’s probably about the best you’ll find at this price point, a 1 second delay is probably about right

if you really want something for massive slideshows, you’re probably looking at building a nuc, which is not exactly cheap

I do this with no problem.  With WDTV you can select “Windows Share” which seems to work faster and has better color. (the share being your cloud).  Speed will depend on your network. If you choose “slide show” the fastest you can select is 3 seconds. Most of my jpg’s are 15~20 MB.

The WDTV has  USB ports so you can plug a USB drive in which plays quite fast.