JPEG Resolution Limits?

My xBox 360 just died and I am considering the purchase of a WD TV Live Plus as a replacement.  I’ve read the specs and manual and just want to confirm something before I buy one.

My understanding is that there is a JPEG resolution limit of 4096x4096… is this correct?  If a photo with greater pixel dimensions is viewed, what happens?

I have an 18-megapixel camera which produces images larger than that, so if the WD TV Live won’t display them I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere as this is one of the top requirements for me.  I know I can downsample, but I am trying to avoid doing that as it eats up disk space to have a second (smaller) version of the same image. 

Thank you!

Welcome to the forums.

I have no idea what the ACTUAL upper limit is, but I just tried and it displayed a 6000+ x 6000+ 20+GB image just fine.  It even loaded it in over my network (net shares).

Now, it did take a few seconds to come up, so I don’t know if that was because I was transferring over the network or not (I don’t have the time right now to check on a local drive image, but if that’s important to you I will later).

THANK YOU very much!

Were you using a wired or wireless connection?

I’ll be using it to view 18Mp images (7-15MB each) over a wired network connection. 

I was trying over a wireless connection.

If you need me to test, I can try my wired connection, but not until this evening.

Thank you for your offer, but I think I have the information I need.